Our services include preventive maintenance programs, battery testing, acid adjusting, cell and cable replacement, resealing and complete battery and charger evaluations. In most cases we have reconditioned batteries and loaners when your battery is in for service.  

We can also assist you with mining applications, solar, Zamboni, man lift and golf cart batteries as well. 

We have the experience and the products to keep your fleet running at its best. 

Capacity Testing  

Capacity testing allows us to determine the actual percentage of capacity that your battery is currently delivering. Our highly trained staff can run a full capacity on your battery, acid adjust it, replace cells, cables or help you make that important decision on when to repair or replace a failing battery.

Battery and Charger PM's

We also provide important preventive maintenance programs to check your batteries for bad cells, cables and help you to address problems like over watering or under watering, to improper charging and usage habits.

Most chargers have up to 25 components that work together to provide the total output of the charger. Just one failed component can reduce the chargers efficiency dramatically. Even though the charger energizes and charges it could perhaps only be bringing the battery up to half charged condition or less.

Checking Chargers for failed components that can lower the chargers output is essential to long battery life and also will reduce stress on forklift components and reduce forklift maintenance costs. We also check for bad plugs and cables that can be safety issues. and also checking the charging area for the proper safety equipment like spill kits and proper safety signs.

Expert Advise on your fleet

We can advise on how to maximize the life of your battery to saving money on your utility bills with High Frequency charging and lowering the maintenance time on your batteries with watering systems. We can help make your operation more efficient and help lower your operating cost. 

If you have any questions concerning products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us at 303-921-521. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best economical solutions for you and your company.